If you are looking to change

the way you use technology

you have come to the right place.

With the way the world has changed in recent times, we need to look at new ways to use technology to make our life easier to manage. Using a virtual desktop helps maintain a consistent platform for you to use any device and have to ability to connect from anywhere .. anytime.

No matter is you are a student, a business or a not for profit organisation. We have a solution that can work for anyone and to fit in your budget.


We are the first to use both Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux in a dedicated and/or mixed hosted cloud network environment. We will work with you to ensure your requirements are met and see what best suits your business model.


Work in a team or classroom style environment, with our inbuilt session collaboration interface. Your can communicate, collaborate, share, view even control a virtual desktop to help streamline workloads to be finalised and completed.


With dedicated and direct printing capability from your local device, there is no need to install printer drivers in your virtual desktop. Just connect and your printers will be automatically connected and mounted directly into your virtual desktop.

Meet our team of cloud computing experts

Trevor Mifsud

CEO / Founder / Cloud Computing Expert

Aura Brooks

Graphic Designer

Eve Crawford

Product Designer

delivering a new style of agile computing

that will deliver freedom and productivity.

At MyVirtualDesktop, we are an innovative cloud network solutions provider. With over 30 years of networking, software and virtualisation expertise within the one company, we specialising in freeing anyone from their desk and fixed location, to be able to connect to our platform from anywhere and on any device.

With access to datacentre’s and a support team worldwide. Including unlimited access to research and development, to ensure we are always using the latest platform and software to deliver the upmost best remote access experience and agile technology.

What we can help you achieve

True Remote Access | Multi Site Cloud Network | Cloud Computing | Session Collaboration
Virtual Printing | Virtual Desktops | Virtual Servers | Microsoft Windows  & Office 365 | Ubuntu Linux

Target Audience
  • Students and Teachers,
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Trainers and Tutors
  • Not for Profit Organisations
Our Specialties
  • Virtualisation
  • Virtual Desktops & Servers
  • Customer Support
  • Cloud Networks
  • Networking
Notable Awards
  • Top 25 Cloud Provider 2016/2017
  • Top 10 Best Performing Cloud Provider 2018/2019
  • Top 10 Most Elite Cloud Provider 2020
  • Top 10 Most Watched CEO’s for 2020
What We Believe
  • The Freedom to Work/Study from Anywhere
  • The Cloud Has No Geographical Boundaries
  • Create a Cloud Platform Equally for Everyone
  • Stay Up-To-Date With New Software Platforms