A New Platform for Computer Networking

Using the latest vmware platform and the power of cloud computing we have the ability to create a computer network that will work seamlessly in the cloud.

Built on IBM Cloud worldwide, we have created a cloud platform for everyone. Students, businesses of any size and not for profit organisations.


Using the latest in innovation from the world best software companies, we can now deliver both Windows and Linux in a mixed network environment.


Harnessing the reliability of IBM Cloud and the world best virtualisation platform, we bring a cloud network that is worldwide with no geographical boundaries.


Utilising private and hybrid cloud technology, we bring you the security and reliability. Have the ability to connect from any current device and from anywhere.

This remote computer lets me be logged in all the the same time. Where before i was constantly logging in and out every time i needed to give my brothers the computer or iPad. This is so much easier.

StudentXYZ College

MyVirtualDesktop really showed me we don't need to be in an office with my staff to actually work. Working with the team at MyVirtualDesktop they showed us way to work together better a team and really collaborate within a cloud platform.

Jane DoeThe New Way Company

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, with the way their cloud system allow collaboration between students and tutor, they all have commendable talent in the whole remote learning experience. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack SmithOnline Trainer / Tutor

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